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Woke World is an animated All In The Family for our time – a sitcom that shines a funny light on today’s most divisive issues, and gives audiences – left, right and middle – a safe space to come together and laugh.


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Hip-Hop Hindi

Musical Romantic Comedy

Written by a Jewish-Indian girl and a Jewish convert (who produced a dance music record that charted above Puff Daddy).

HIP-HOP HINDI is a romantic comedy musical about an Indian-American girl who struggles to break free from the expectations of her family and culture – to embrace her true identity as the first “fierce” Indian singer like Beyoncé.

Download script: Here



Action Comedy

A washed-up Hollywood action hero is hired by a Saudi prince to re-enact his famous “kill-shot” one-liner at the birthday of a Saudi King. But, when real bullets are swapped for blanks, the Saudi King is killed – and our washed-up movie hero is framed for a crime he did not (mean) to commit. On the run, our “hero” teams up with his old movie sidekick, stuntman, writer and special effects makeup artist to spin some pre-CGI movie magic to clear his name and save the day.

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Frasier cast - Emmy


TV / OTT Series

Emmy Award-winner Kelsey Grammer has agreed to star and Academy Award-winner Oliver Stone has been attached to direct.  Behind “Fake News” headlines lies the secret realm of Darkhorse: world-shifters who manipulate media – and reality itself.  Based on true stories. 

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Animated Feature / Series

Austin Film Festival semi-finalist RODEO is a Pixar-style animated comedy about a young, headstrong cowgirl who cross-dresses as a cowboy to enter a boys-only reality TV bull-riding contest – to win her father’s love and save her family’s foreclosed rodeo.

Download script: Here


TV / OTT Series

Kabbalah (mystical Judaism) and The New York Times tell of the existence of “36 Righteous People,” whose goodness and continued existence keeps the world from being destroyed. Now, a well-financed gang of end-times fanatics is targeting the Righteous for kidnapping and assassination, and the only person who can save them – and, in turn, save the world – is a Mossad-trained super-agent – a Jewish James Bond – who lost his faith and now must find his kidnapped “Righteous” father.

Download the series bible: Here

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Jeff Ballabon

Media Executive

Media Credentials Highlights

  • Head of Communications for CBS News
    • Designed DuPont award-winning recreation of famed “CBS Reports” franchise.
    • Chief strategist, network spokesman, member of CBS News senior management team.
    • Managed all media, public, and crisis relations teams for all CBS News shows (Evening News, 60 Minutes, Face the Nation, Sunday Morning, 48 Hours, etc.) and all content across all platforms: television, radio, online and mobile.
    •  Supervised all media and publicity for show and technology platform launches.
    • Managed all media for major CBS events, including the passing of Walter Cronkite and his Lincoln Center memorial.
  • Head of Network Affairs and Public Policy at media companies including:
    • Primedia (America’s leading targeted media company, with hundreds of brands including hundreds of general interest, enthusiast, and trade magazines, many with branded cable television shows; world’s 4th largest Internet company; 20 satellite TV networks; etc.)
    • Films Media Group (Films for the Humanities and Sciences, etc.)
    • Channel One News
    • Courtroom Television Network (Court TV)
  • Director of the American Media Institute
  • Columnist for CNBC, Newsmax, American Spectator, Forbes, Tablet, etc.
  • Executive Producer of weekly Court TV programming block for lawyers

Global Media Consultancy
Advised numerous broadcast and media companies in the USA, as well as overseas (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, and the UK) on:

  • Publishing
  • Content creation
  • Syndication
  • Production
  • Management
  • Networking
  • Market Entry

“Bottom line oriented, connected…delivers exceptional results”
CEO, Primedia, Inc.

“A substantive and creative thinker…successfully managed complex issues in journalism and public policy…implicitly understands trends across platforms in both traditional and new media”
EVP Communications, CBS Corporation

He is an extremely talented communicator and effective leader who understands both our specific business interests and the public policy initiatives that are shaping today’s traditional and New Media industries.”

“When we were launching our multi-platform media enterprise, Jeff Ballabon’s national network of media contacts took us seamlessly from top publishers in New York to major studios in Los Angeles to influential television owners in our target markets around the country. Ballabon helped us evaluate media opportunities at multiple levels, hire top talent, and navigate and connect with the people we needed to meet.”
Jonathan Terzi, President Metropolitan Media

Akiva Prell

Creative Director

Akiva has provided strategic communications services to:

  • Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper
  • 5 Canadian Premiers
  • 300+ Members of Parliament
  • Prime Minister of Israel + Israel’s Health Ministry
  • 2 U.S. Presidential campaigns
  • America’s largest grassroots organization (all 50 States)
  • Prime Ministers of Australia Tony
  • Abbott & John Howard
  • More than 300 world leaders
  • The Dalai Lama

Mr. Prell has advised more than 300 leaders and government officials on three continents in strategic marketing, messaging, branding, advertising, video and radio production, digital marketing, direct mail, fundraising, crisis management and PR/media communications.

Akiva Michael Prell is a twice-published author – endorsed by two US candidates for President and America’s former Ambassador to the United Nations.

Akiva’s team shifted Jewish voting patterns in Canada from 60% Left to 60% right.

He re-branded the governments of Canada and Trinidad and Tobago, as well as several public and private sector companies and organizations, and has run numerous national TV/radio/print/online/PR campaigns.

He is a Pollie Award-winning advertiser (the Academy Award of political advertising), and produced more than 500 TV/radio ads and more than 36 million printed advertisements and direct mail campaigns. He is an online marketing specialist, and lectures on writing, communications and crisis management. He was a crisis manager for the 2003 Northeastern Blackout.

Akiva and his team have generated over $1 billion in earned media for their clients. As a strategist, Akiva Prell helped force the resignation of the head of the IRS in 2013 (securing a $3.5 million settlement) and did battle with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on behalf of women’s rights, and won.

“His skills for generating pre-emptive complimentary publicity is second to none. His unsurpassed skills have earned him a reputation of excellence.”
– Patrick Muttart, Managing Director, Mercury Public Affairs

 “I have worked with Akiva Prell on numerous campaigns. A valuable creative resource for us.”
– Special Assistant and Director of Research to the 45th President of the United States

José Behar

Developer of Woke World

Born in Mexico and raised in Hollywood, José Behar negotiated major deals with Disney, Netflix, NBC Universal, Sony Entertainment, Fox Entertainment, InDemand, Turner and others. He sold Electric Entertainment’s projects domestically and/or internationally: Independence Day, Who Killed the Electric Car, LBJ, The Book of Life, Blackway (starring Anthony Hopkins), Geostorm, The Patriot, and Flyboys among others. Behar’s company ZÜM Media acquired several best-selling intellectual properties from Scholastic, and he has recently secured development deals for four-quadrant, television series to Apple TV+, HBO Max, Netflix and Disney+.

NOTE:  We are partnered with an American company behind the largest crowdfunded TV project in history ($16,744,120 USD) and also connected to Entertainment One (EOne) with a market cap of nearly $4 Billion USD.  One way we could work together is to produce one or more of the above projects in India, then sell/license the finished product to American and world audiences for increased profit.

Akiva (Michael) Prell
Creative Director

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