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Original Content

Hip-Hop Hindi

Musical Romantic Comedy

HIP-HOP HINDI is a romantic comedy musical about an Indian-American girl who struggles to break free from the expectations of her family and culture – to embrace her true identity as the first “fierce” Indian singer like Beyoncé.

Download script: Here

Marketing & Character summary: Here



Action Comedy

A washed-up Hollywood action hero – framed for a crime he did not (mean) to commit – teams up with his old movie sidekick, stuntman, writer and special effects makeup artist to spin some pre-CGI movie magic to clear his name and save the day. 

Download script: Here


Animated Series / Daily Comic

Today’s headlines are turned into jokes with this daily comic strip and (soon) animated series.

Link to site: Here

Frasier cast - Emmy


TV / OTT Series

Emmy Award-winner Kelsey Grammer has agreed to star and Academy Award-winner Oliver Stone has been attached to direct.  Behind “Fake News” headlines lies the secret realm of Darkhorse: world-shifters who manipulate media – and reality itself.  Based on true stories. 

Download the series bible: Here


Animated Feature / Series

Austin Film Festival semi-finalist RODEO is a Pixar-style animated comedy about a young, headstrong cowgirl who cross-dresses as a cowboy to enter a boys-only reality TV bull-riding contest – to win her father’s love and save her family’s foreclosed rodeo.

Download script: Here


TV / OTT Series

Kabbalah (mystical Judaism) and The New York Times tell of the existence of “36 Righteous People,” whose goodness and continued existence keeps the world from being destroyed. Now, a well-financed gang of end-times fanatics is targeting the Righteous for kidnapping and assassination, and the only person who can save them – and, in turn, save the world – is a Mossad-trained super-agent – a Jewish James Bond – who lost his faith and now must find his kidnapped “Righteous” father.

Download the series bible: Here

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NOTE:  We are partnered with an American company behind the largest crowdfunded TV project in history ($16,744,120 USD) and also connected to Entertainment One (EOne) with a market cap of nearly $4 Billion USD.  One way we could work together is to produce one or more of the above projects in India, then sell/license the finished product to American and world audiences for increased profit.

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Stock, Text & Voiceover

Examples: Jeep Ad

Examples: Clarion/JU “Incitement – the day it was released, the Imam in the film was arrested for incitement |  Example 2: Clarion Project Abbas lies to Trump (this video was shown to President Trump before his scheduled 4 hour meeting with Abbas, which turned into a 1 hour shouting match – Trump to Abbas.

Explainers & Ads

Examples: Example 1

Examples: Example 1

Examples: Chloe Daydreaming

Examples: Chloe Forever

Examples: Meir Kay: Passover

Examples: EMP filmEGD film 1 | EGD film 2

Experts & Presenters

Examples: Example 1

Examples: Example 1

Examples: Clarion Project: Ryan Mauro, “What Drives Me” | Clarion Project:  Raheel Raza “What Drives You”

Examples: Danny Ayalon: The Truth About Jerusalem | Dennis Prager videos | Andrew Klavan videos

Examples: Clarion Project, Raheel Raza, “Truth About the Muslim Ban”

Examples: Clarion Project, “By The Numbers”

Examples: Clarion Project, “Faithkeepers”  | Jerusalem U, “When The Smoke Clears”

Examples: EMP film

Examples: EMP filmEGD film 1 | EGD film 2

Feature Films

Examples: Darkhorse (created by Michael Prell, currently in development with Emmy Award-winner Kelsey Grammer)

Examples: Rodeo (written by Michael Prell, semi-finalist at the prestigious Austin Film Festival)