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Each of the 300+ campaigns we have done have been unique, and we will build a custom campaign for you based on strategic objectives and budget. For now, here is an initial proposal with estimated (and customizable) budgets, based on our current understanding of needs.

$15-20k/mo, 3 month minimum




$6,250 per pack of 25


$11,000 per pack of 12

$8-10k/mo (+ ad spend)

We have created and deployed strategic persuasion campaigns for: President Trump, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, Team Obama, Christians United For Israel (CUFI), Kohelet, Thank Israeli Soldiers, Tea Party Patriots, Newsmax, Let Freedom Ring, Numbers USA, the Oil industry, Natural Gas, Hydro, Liquor, Wine, Insurance, The Jack Miller Center, National Taxpayers Union, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), Clarion Project, Canary Mission, and many other aligned orgs and causes.

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Our team is based in America & Israel.
This is not just professional for us. This is personal. 


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Media / Rapid Response

Generated $1 billion in earned media

“has a way with words and a keen eye for communications strategies.”

“has the ability to take complex issues and weave them into memorable and easily-understood phrases and narratives.”

The way we generate earned media is by “riding the wave” of fast-breaking news stories – crafting the “perfect pitch” and making the right spokesperson available for “rapid response” media – when the media needs you.

Media Pitches that Break Through and Make News

"...a true leader [with] thoughtful understanding of how to influence and motivate public opinion through various forms of media."
- Chris Froggatt
Managing Partner, National Public Relations

Grassroots Activation

15+ years empowering active engagement
Words Written
Letters to U.S. Congress
Total Advocate Engagements



Our research reveals:
  • New insights / opportunities
  • Targets, Officials and Influencers
  • Issues that move people
  • Words and messages that win


  • Defines the issue on your client’s winning terms
  • Highlights your clients’ strengths / solutions
  • “Rides the Wave” of large issues in media & public minds
  • Speaks to your chosen target audiences (we will also help identify your target audiences)
  • Activates supporters / neutralizes opponents
  • Drives all action toward client goals / outcomes

For the past 20 years, AGNC Group and its founder Akiva Prell have been the Strategic and Creative engine behind high-profile public awareness / advocacy campaigns in Canada, the US and around the world for pharma, physicians, teachers, retailers, insurance, hydro energy, oil, natural gas, wine, liquor, a trade union, and various human rights organizations. 

“Akiva’s exceptional abilities are unmatched by any individual I have worked with on four continents.  He has been the main source–and often the sole source–of the creative content that is needed to win.”

– Mark Spiro, Founding Partner,
Crestview Public Affairs

“On many occasions throughout the years, I have relied a great deal on Akiva’s talents and communication abilities…and for his thoughtful understanding of how to influence and motivate public opinion through various forms of media.  He is a true leader in his field.  His visionary approach and tactical ability coupled with his keen understanding of human behavior sets him far above his competitors in the area of strategic communication.”

– Chris Froggatt, Managing Partner,
National Public Relations

Akiva has provided strategic communications services to:

“I have worked with Akiva Prell on numerous campaigns. A valuable creative resource for us.”

Special Assistant and Director of Research to the 45th President of the United States

Mr. Prell has advised more than 300 leaders and government officials on three continents in strategic marketing, messaging, branding, advertising, video and radio production, digital marketing, direct mail, fundraising, crisis management and PR/media communications.  

Akiva Michael Prell is a twice-published author – endorsed by two US candidates for President and America’s former Ambassador to the United Nations.  

Akiva’s team shifted Jewish voting patterns in Canada from 60% Left to 60% right.

“His skills for generating pre-emptive complimentary publicity is second to none. His unsurpassed skills have earned him a reputation of excellence.”

Patrick Muttart, Managing Director, Mercury Public Affairs

He re-branded the governments of Canada and Trinidad and Tobago, as well as several public and private sector companies and organizations, and has run numerous national TV/radio/print/online/PR campaigns. 

He is a Pollie Award-winning advertiser (the Academy Award of political advertising), and produced more than 500 TV/radio ads and more than 36 million printed advertisements and direct mail campaigns.  He is an online marketing specialist, and lectures on writing, communications and crisis management.  He was a crisis manager for the 2003 Northeastern Blackout. 

Akiva and his team have generated over $1 billion in earned media for their clients. As a strategist, Akiva Prell helped force the resignation of the head of the IRS in 2013 (securing a $3.5 million settlement) and did battle with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on behalf of women’s rights, and won.  

“Akiva's expertise was used to craft targeted messages and advertisements that played an essential part of the party’s communication campaign. The importance of these messages cannot be understated – several of them were delivered to constituents directly by Benjamin Netanyahu”
Israel Likud Party
(Prime Minister Netanyahu)


"I am writing to offer my heartfelt thanks for your hard work during the 2011 federal election. Your efforts in the war room contributed directly to the historic accomplishment we achieved"
PM Stephen Harper
"Thank goodness he’s on our side."
Mayor John Tory
Mayor of Toronto
"Drastically increased our campaign effectiveness and enhanced our operations, and played an important role in helping the Prime Minister secure the election."
PM Netanyahu
Israel Likud Party
“Has the ability to take complex issues and weave them into memorable and easily-understood phrases and narratives.”
Mike Harris
former Premier of Ontario
“After a Bigfoot was sighted in northern Ontario, I watched [Akiva] turn the event into a series of international television and print stories on land protection”
Former Chief Of Staff To Canada’s Minister Of Natural Resources
“When a scuffle breaks out on the streets, call the Guardian Angels. When a scuffle breaks out in the media, call [Akiva].”
Curtis Sliwa
Founder of the Guardian Angels
"Three cheers for Michael Prell's timely reminder that the best society is a merit society, not the grievance society that feeds on Underdogma."
Andrew C. McCarthy
“Thank goodness for this effort.”
John Bolton
America’s National Security Advisor
"I want to tell you my enthusiasm for your work…I think you’re really doing a great service."
Tony Robbins
World-Renowned Author, Advisor To 3 US Presidents
"Totally trustworthy. 100% on-board warriors for our fight against BDS and anti-Semitism, genius with video and narrative."
Sam Solomon

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    Examples: Jeep Ad

    Examples: Clarion/JU “Incitement – the day it was released, the Imam in the film was arrested for incitement |  Example 2: Clarion Project Abbas lies to Trump (this video was shown to President Trump before his scheduled 4 hour meeting with Abbas, which turned into a 1 hour shouting match – Trump to Abbas.

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    Examples: Clarion Project: Ryan Mauro, “What Drives Me” | Clarion Project:  Raheel Raza “What Drives You”

    Examples: Danny Ayalon: The Truth About Jerusalem | Dennis Prager videos | Andrew Klavan videos

    Examples: Clarion Project, Raheel Raza, “Truth About the Muslim Ban”

    Examples: Clarion Project, “By The Numbers”

    Examples: Clarion Project, “Faithkeepers”  | Jerusalem U, “When The Smoke Clears”

    Examples: EMP film

    Examples: EMP filmEGD film 1 | EGD film 2

    Feature Films

    Examples: Darkhorse (created by Michael Prell, currently in development with Emmy Award-winner Kelsey Grammer)

    Examples: Rodeo (written by Michael Prell, semi-finalist at the prestigious Austin Film Festival)