Our Team

The creative minds behind AGNC Group.

Akiva M. Prell

Creative Director

Pollie Award-winning advertiser, filmmaker and brand-builder serving governments on four continents, large corporations and non-profits. Featured on HBO, VICE, the New York Times, CNN and hundreds more, he creates strategies, content and teams that move people.

Daniel Mael

NYC Lead

2015 Tikvah Fellow featured in TIME, Fox and the BBC, Daniel came to national prominence through his pro-Israel, pro-justice work at Brandeis University.  He leads AGNC Group’s NYC practice, and manages all print brokering.

Ben Purkiss

Canada Lead

Ben is an award-winning designer, filmmaker and creative director who specializes is rapid-response creative solutions.  He has served numerous political and corporate leaders from all across North America, crafting everything from infographic-filled annual reports to message-driven video productions.

Yoel Israel

Online Advertising Expert

A startup digital advertising expert, Yoel helps businesses earn new leads and clients by using strong data analysis coupled with unique marketing solutions by pursuing first-mover advantages in LinkedIn, emerging video ads, Google AdWords, Quora Ads, and other promising platforms.

Shannon Harper

Influencer Marketing

Shannon has over 15 years of sales and marketing experience and is a master at social media marketing with a focus on instagram influencer marketing. She focuses on extensive tracking and vetting to maximize campaign effectiveness.

Yariv Newman

CGI, Film, Design, VR/AR

Industrial designer, concept artist and VFX Art Director since 2003, Yariv has worked on MARVEL’s Iron Man, Spider Man 3, The Fast and the Furious, King Kong and many others, and has provided VFX for Lego, Crayola and Disney.

Aaron Rosenberg

Project Manager

Ruthless (but friendly) Project Manager. Balances multiple tasks with tight deadlines, with a focus on tying up all loose ends ahead of time and under budget. He has worked on film production and animation, speaking tours, events, fundraising campaigns, strategic communication, PR and rapid response.

Ravin Sacha Ramkissoon​


An award winning Cinematographer Editor and Colorist. Studied film at Nyfilm academy. Produced documentaries for The Africa channel, CNN and the Travel channel. Produced videos for major international political campaigns and has a background in costume design and production.

Ian Smith

Content Creation & Content Distribution

Ian excels at generating millions in sales each year for client businesses through online advertising. He’s a pro at driving traffic from Facebook to Shopify and ClickFunnels sales channels. Ian writes and distributes blog posts, sales copy, and videos to Facebook ads, landing pages, and email marketing channels.

Becky Bordo

Social Marketing - Filmmaker

As a long-time screenwriter, producer, actress, and executive assistant to some of Hollywood’s greatest, Becky got her footing in LA after some “lucky” breaks. Today she creates copy for digital influencers, branded content for conscious brands, and creative scripts for TV, Film, and Social Media — from concept to proper manifestation.

Dick Goldsmith


Dick literally wrote the book on direct mail and fundraising. He is resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented. He stays current on the latest technologies and provides the best possible solutions for clients through his years of connections in the industry.

"Wilford Brimley"


“Wilford Brimley” (not his real name) is the pseudonym of a secret copywriter whose words are so good, whose prose is so folksy and real, that one can almost hear Wilford Brimley say: “It’s the right thing to do, and a tasty way to do it.”

B.J. Orleans​

VP Creative

B.J. is TV, radio and web ad producer with 15 years of experience and scores of campaigns to his credit in the US, Australia and Canada. One of his ads was called “the most powerful campaign spot since Ronald Reagan’s ‘Morning in America.’”

Terry Forman​


Terry is an experienced web developer and UI / UX specialist. He has been a Senior Developer for large organizations, and Digital Lead on numerous campaigns. He studied computer programming at Algonquin College.

Joseph Bornstein


After founding multiple nonprofits, Joseph launched CauseMatch which helps nonprofits plan, craft and execute high-impact digital fundraisers. He has helped hundreds of nonprofits around the globe raise tens of millions of dollars. His approach focuses on data-proven fundraising science blended with the art of digital storytelling.


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Let's Discuss your Video Needs

Stock, Text & Voiceover

Examples: Jeep Ad

Examples: Clarion/JU “Incitement – the day it was released, the Imam in the film was arrested for incitement |  Example 2: Clarion Project Abbas lies to Trump (this video was shown to President Trump before his scheduled 4 hour meeting with Abbas, which turned into a 1 hour shouting match – Trump to Abbas.

Explainers & Ads

Examples: Example 1

Examples: Example 1

Examples: Chloe Daydreaming

Examples: Chloe Forever

Examples: Meir Kay: Passover

Examples: EMP filmEGD film 1 | EGD film 2

Experts & Presenters

Examples: Example 1

Examples: Example 1

Examples: Clarion Project: Ryan Mauro, “What Drives Me” | Clarion Project:  Raheel Raza “What Drives You”

Examples: Danny Ayalon: The Truth About Jerusalem | Dennis Prager videos | Andrew Klavan videos

Examples: Clarion Project, Raheel Raza, “Truth About the Muslim Ban”

Examples: Clarion Project, “By The Numbers”

Examples: Clarion Project, “Faithkeepers”  | Jerusalem U, “When The Smoke Clears”

Examples: EMP film

Examples: EMP filmEGD film 1 | EGD film 2

Feature Films

Examples: Darkhorse (created by Michael Prell, currently in development with Emmy Award-winner Kelsey Grammer)

Examples: Rodeo (written by Michael Prell, semi-finalist at the prestigious Austin Film Festival)