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“To enable more neurodivergent children and individuals to develop their abilities”


Secure more contracts to bring Akiva Metaverse to more people.
Raise awareness of Akiva Metaverse among key decision-makers.
Deploy tools and techniques used in large public affairs and government relations campaigns.


British Columbia (to start), where autism has
been a major story in recent weeks.


Campaign Design & Creation: Immediate
Deploy: January 2022

Duration: 3 Months




Akiva Prell heads Creative Capital. He is an advisor to 300 world leaders, including the Prime Ministers of Canada, Israel and Australia. His work has been endorsed by entrepreneur/success coach Tony Robbins, and by 2 US candidates for President, and featured in the New York Times, on CNN, the BBC, USA Today, Forbes, Fox News, and called “brilliant” on HBO. He and his team have generated more than $50 million in sales for clients, $1 billion in earned media and 2 billion viral video views.

Generated more than $1 billion in earned media for our clients:

For the past 20 years, AGNC Group and its founder Akiva Prell have been the Strategic and Creative engine behind high-profile public awareness / advocacy campaigns in Canada, the US and around the world for pharma, physicians, teachers, retailers, insurance, hydro energy, oil, natural gas, wine, liquor, a trade union, and various human rights organizations. 

“Akiva’s exceptional abilities are unmatched by any individual I have worked with on four continents.  He has been the main source–and often the sole source–of the creative content that is needed to win.”

– Mark Spiro, Founding Partner,
Crestview Public Affairs

“On many occasions throughout the years, I have relied a great deal on Akiva’s talents and communication abilities…and for his thoughtful understanding of how to influence and motivate public opinion through various forms of media.  He is a true leader in his field.  His visionary approach and tactical ability coupled with his keen understanding of human behavior sets him far above his competitors in the area of strategic communication.”

– Chris Froggatt, Managing Partner,
National Public Relations

Akiva has provided strategic communications services to:

“I have worked with Akiva Prell on numerous campaigns. A valuable creative resource for us.”

Special Assistant and Director of Research to the 45th President of the United States

Mr. Prell has advised more than 300 leaders and government officials on three continents in strategic marketing, messaging, branding, advertising, video and radio production, digital marketing, direct mail, fundraising, crisis management and PR/media communications.  

Akiva Michael Prell is a twice-published author – endorsed by two US candidates for President and America’s former Ambassador to the United Nations.  

Akiva’s team shifted Jewish voting patterns in Canada from 60% Left to 60% right.

“His skills for generating pre-emptive complimentary publicity is second to none. His unsurpassed skills have earned him a reputation of excellence.”

Patrick Muttart, Managing Director, Mercury Public Affairs

He re-branded the governments of Canada and Trinidad and Tobago, as well as several public and private sector companies and organizations, and has run numerous national TV/radio/print/online/PR campaigns. 

He is a Pollie Award-winning advertiser (the Academy Award of political advertising), and produced more than 500 TV/radio ads and more than 36 million printed advertisements and direct mail campaigns.  He is an online marketing specialist, and lectures on writing, communications and crisis management.  He was a crisis manager for the 2003 Northeastern Blackout. 

Akiva and his team have generated over $1 billion in earned media for their clients. As a strategist, Akiva Prell helped force the resignation of the head of the IRS in 2013 (securing a $3.5 million settlement) and did battle with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on behalf of women’s rights, and won.  

Mike Cunningham is the BC Chapter President and Director of the Public Affairs Association of Canada and Principal of Graphite Public Affairs Inc. Mike is a Victoria, BC-based government relations consultant with more than 28 years of political and consulting experience at both the federal and provincial levels.   Mike was the Ministerial Assistant to the Minister of State for Home and Community Care, Ministry of Health Services (responsible for the Autism file). He provides government advocacy, stakeholder relations and corporate communications expertise to clients across a range of sectors including pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, insurance, film and television production, environmental stewardship, book publishing, and vaccine manufacturing.


Work can begin immediately
Price and scope: TBD

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    PR / MEDIA

    We have generated over $1 billion in earned media for our clients.

    We already have a plan to help Flam generate millions of dollars in earned media in the U.S. at a relatively small cost.


    Once the menu items above have been chosen, we will work together with Flam to decide the most cost-effective way to deploy with the smallest-possible ad spend, across the following channels:


    Our team will:
    • Find and select the right U.S. influencers
    • Connect with influencers, brief them, negotiate arrangements for them to promote Flam
    • Campaign management – our team will stay on top of every influencer, making sure they post
    • Report influencer success back to Flam

    Paid Ads

    Our team will develop and deploy all Flam advertising across all relevant channels, including but not limited to:
    • Social media
    • Google Ads
    • YouTube
    • Retargeting ads

    Social Media

    Flam and AGNC will choose an agreed-upon amount of social content, and AGNC will create, produce and deliver all chosen content, including:

    • Video
    • Blogs
    • Vlogs
    • Graphics

    Traditional Advertising

    This will not be a large component of Flam’s campaign, but AGNC can deliver any chosen element listed below (NOTE: our ideas for campuses will involve some design and printing):

    • Leaflets
    • Posters
    • Stickers
    • Billboards
    • Print ads (in campus papers)

    Guerilla / Experiential

    For over 20 years, AGNC has created Guerilla and Experiential marketing solutions for clients, including large-scale parties and concerts for college kids, as well as grassroots events and “happenings.” AGNC can deliver a range of options here to match Flam’s budget.


    After Flam chooses menu items from the PLAN, we will have a discussion about scope. Then we will provide a budget with pricing for A) the AGNC cost to develop each item and B) a deployment budget to pay for flowthrough costs like printing, social media ad buys, and money to be paid to influencers.


    A follow-up meeting with Flam to choose menu items from this PLAN, discuss scope, decide next steps, and provide budget.
    An agreement/contract will be signed, and then AGNC will begin producing the elements in Flam’s launch plan.

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    Financial Manager

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    "I want to tell you my enthusiasm for your work…
    I think you’re really doing a great service."
    Tony Robbins
    World-renowned author, advisor to 3 US Presidents

    Let's Discuss your Video Needs

    Stock, Text & Voiceover

    Examples: Jeep Ad

    Examples: Clarion/JU “Incitement – the day it was released, the Imam in the film was arrested for incitement |  Example 2: Clarion Project Abbas lies to Trump (this video was shown to President Trump before his scheduled 4 hour meeting with Abbas, which turned into a 1 hour shouting match – Trump to Abbas.

    Explainers & Ads

    Examples: Example 1

    Examples: Example 1

    Examples: Chloe Daydreaming

    Examples: Chloe Forever

    Examples: Meir Kay: Passover

    Examples: EMP filmEGD film 1 | EGD film 2

    Experts & Presenters

    Examples: Example 1

    Examples: Example 1

    Examples: Clarion Project: Ryan Mauro, “What Drives Me” | Clarion Project:  Raheel Raza “What Drives You”

    Examples: Danny Ayalon: The Truth About Jerusalem | Dennis Prager videos | Andrew Klavan videos

    Examples: Clarion Project, Raheel Raza, “Truth About the Muslim Ban”

    Examples: Clarion Project, “By The Numbers”

    Examples: Clarion Project, “Faithkeepers”  | Jerusalem U, “When The Smoke Clears”

    Examples: EMP film

    Examples: EMP filmEGD film 1 | EGD film 2

    Feature Films

    Examples: Darkhorse (created by Michael Prell, currently in development with Emmy Award-winner Kelsey Grammer)

    Examples: Rodeo (written by Michael Prell, semi-finalist at the prestigious Austin Film Festival)